“Translation” Featured in The Flagler Review Spring 2014 Edition

So, finally, my short story “Translation” has found a home. There’s such a story about this story, really, namely how I wrote it over six years ago and how it won a $1,000 Mary Roberts Rinehart award and was nominated for Best New American Voices once upon a time, but how it never–and I mean NEVER–found a permanent home. I must have sent this story out to 60 magazines. No one wanted it. Years passed and my writing evolved, changed–so much so that revising this story had become an impossibility. Funny how time and practice can do that to a skill. And so I did what any writer would do when a piece is a “no go”–I put it to bed.

However, recently, while working on a new piece, I revisited my “Limbo” folder–the place where stories of varying degrees of abandonment go, a kind of purgatory where they are neither published nor unpublished but just existing. I decided to try one more round of submissions–blindly shooting the manuscript into the cyber-universe. Four weeks later, a small little college-run press reached out, wanted to take it, they said. And so after such a fairy tale beginning, I handed over the story and let it go and tried not to revise it from the viewpoint of a writer six-years older. Sometimes, that point has passed, and all you can do is part ways. And so speed and peace be with you, little story, and thank you to Flagler Review for helping this odd little piece find a home. I am so pleased you have wings and can fly, and are no longer shacking up in my “Limbo” folder.


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