Publications in Citron, Redux, and Buried Letter Press

This spring has produced a host of new publications. I’m grateful, as always, to the editors who believe in my work, and to my amazing husband, Chris, for his faith, encouragement, and support.

Citron Review

Forthcoming on June 15th, Citron Review will run my first-ever published micro nonfiction piece, “She’s Italian.” They say never to write about your grandmother in stories, fiction, or otherwise; well, this piece breaks all the rules. It was an honor to write it, and I hope my family will cherish my grandmother’s tooth and nail toughness, and her spirit to survive.

Redux: Literary Journal

Redux, a wonderful journal who gives a second life to previously published poetry, fiction, and essays, ran my short story “Hindsight” (originally published in Coal City Review) on May 21st. Many thanks to Leslie Pietrzyk for giving this piece another go-round.

Bellingham Literary Review

My short story “Doomsday” was nominated as one of five semi-finalists for the annual Tobias Wolff Award in Fiction. Winners will be announced in early June.

Buried Letter Press

In May, Buried Letter Press ran my essay, “Hell’s Library: How Gordon Ramsay Saved My Novel,” about how I salvaged my novel-in-progress through the inspiration of Gordon Ramsay (an unlikely source, I know) and through an intense year-long submersion in 100 books. It was fun to write, and provided a wonderful chance to reflect on the process of writing itself.


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