New Short Stories in Ruminate and Coal City Review

Spring is an exciting time! Cherry blossoms, warm-ish weather, and some exciting news to share about new stories on the horizon. Thanks, as always, to friends and family and fellow writers for your love and support, and to my husband, Chris, for his endless readings of draft after draft after draft.

Here’s the latest:

Ruminate Magazine

“Oasis,” the winner of the William Van Dyke prize in short fiction, is now available for purchase in issue #19 of Ruminate magazine. The Ruminate staff have been wonderful to work with, and to contest judge Leif Enger, author of the bestselling novel “Peace Like a River,” I owe many thanks. His review of my story was wonderful, for which I am forever grateful. Poets & Writers also featured the news in their March/April edition–in the teeniest tiniest blurb you’ll ever see!–but hey, I’m ecstatic. The story also generated interest among two literary agencies, who have expressed interest in reading my novel once the second draft is complete. So it’s time to get cracking, and get that bad boy done already.

Coal City Review

Finally, my short-short, “Hindsight,” published in Issue #27 of the “Coal City Review,” is now officially available for purchase for $10 on their website. Thank you, again, to Mary Wharff, fiction editor, for your brilliant edits.


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